One of the things that are fascinating about the Dunes is how alive it is despite its deserted appearance. The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes is a wildlife refuge and according to recent estimations there are around 200 birds species migrating through or living in the dunes, including endangered species like the Californian Least Tern, the Black-Shouldered Kite, the California Brown Pelican and the Snowy Plover. Other endangered species inhabiting the dunes include the California tiger salamander, the California red-legged frog and the shoulder band dune snail, while mammals large and small maintain healthy populations within the dunes (raccoons, mule deer, bobcats, mountain lions).

The variety of biological species yields to a highly rich soundscape. This soundscape have a great aesthetic potential in terms of the variety of direct and ambient sounds from various frequencies, such as the birds, the insects, the ocean, the wind, etc. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of noise pollution in the area at certain times due to off road vehicles, and the environmentalist groups are fighting for the protection and preservation of the area with a restriction on recreational activity.