The Dunites

In the 1930’s, the Dunes became the home of community that dubbed themselves, ‘Dunites’. This group was comprised of artists, intellectuals, writers, hermits and mystics. According to Norm Hammond, author and Dunite historian, the community even had their own journal, The Dune Forum, which he describes as "heavily intellectual in style and expensive for the time – 35¢ was a lot of money in the middle of the Great Depression - and only ran to five issues before foundering through lack of popular support."

One of the most curious figures amongst the participants of this interesting cultural moment was the filmmaker and painter Elwood Decker who made a series of cult experimental films like Light Modulators (1948), Color Fragments (1948), Crystals (1951). His films are very abstract, full of animation techniques and geometrical inspirations. The "Dune Spirit Foundation", working for a preservation of San Luis Obispo County culture history is working on the safekeeping of his work.