Augmented Reality

A development component is an experimental Augmented Reality (AR) application mapping the 3D imagery from the GPR to the actual geographical coordinates. Embedded in a tablet PC, this application will enable the experience and navigation of the buried ruins, on-location. While this interface is detecting and displaying the ruins, if any sound that is within the spectrum of animal sounds (in this case birds or human) is present in the environment, the interface will introduce noise into the imagery.

The focus is on allowing the user to switch from the world underground –the remains, that is a complex 3D model based on the GPR data-, to the surface –the biological/ acoustical richness of the world outside. In doing so, we are looking for an articulation of the animate and the inanimate, the contrast and complimentarily of cultural and ecological elements through a physical and digital experience of the space, enabling the experience of multiple layers of information, geographical, historical, and physical.