The Ten Commandments

Several films have been shot in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, a location that can stand in for deserts around the world. The most important of these films is the silent era classic, The Ten Commandments (1923), by Cecil B. Demille. The Egyptian set done for this film is the largest set ever done for a film. After the movie was filmed, the set was partially dismantled, dynamited, and buried. The ruins of the set are under the sand of the dunes. Recently, weather conditions such as wind, rain, and erosion is slowly exposing the remains: the fragments of 20 sphinxes, four 35-foot- tall Pharaoh statues and 110-foot-tall gates.

Today the spot where the remains are located is an Official Archeological Site. It shows how fast the time runs in California where facsimiles of Ancient Egyptian buildings done in the twentieth century are already Archeology.