Andrés Burbano, Solen Kiratli DiCicco and Danny Bazo
in collaboration with Angus Forbes and Andrés Barragán

Andres Burbano, originally from Colombia, explores the interactions of science, art and technology in various capacities: as a researcher, as an individual artist and in collaborations with other artists and designers. Burbano's work ranges from documentary video (in both science and art), sound and telecommunication art to the exploration of algorithmic cinematic narratives. The broad spectrum of his work illustrates the importance, indeed, the prevalence, of interdisciplinary collaborative work in the field of digital art.

PhD candidate MAT UCSB | Visual and Spatial Arts
aburbano (at)

Solen Kiratli DiCicco is an architect, researcher and media artist. Her work primarily concerns with the intersections of new media processes and spatial practices. She holds a BSc in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University and an MArch from University of Southern California.

PhD student MAT UCSB | Visual and Spatial Arts
solenk (at)

Danny Bazo is researching all permutations of robots and cinema.

PhD student MAT UCSB | Multimedia Engineering
dannybazo (at)

Angus Forbes is a media artist and researcher currently affiliated with the University of Californi Santa Barbara where he is Ph.D. candidate in the Media Arts & Technology department.
angus.forbes (at)

Andrés Barragán's work is centered on the anthropology of science and technology, particularly life sciences, and human genomics. He focus on three overlapping areas: bio-politics (race, eugenics); bio-citizenship (indigeneity); and bio-capital (intellectual property, bio-piracy). He is also interested in public understandings of science, particularly in aesthetic critiques/appropriations of biotechnology coming from artists and performers working on visual representations and imageries of DNA, genes, and emergent forms of life-worlds.
cabarragan (at)